I am TERRIFIED of dental work. Everything about it makes me shudder and the anxiety that comes when work is needed has been overwhelming at times.
Then I met Dr. Jennifer Matthews. ❤️
She’s a genuine perfectionist at heart and her work speaks for itself - impeccable.
But she’s much more than that - she understands her patients and goes above and beyond in her care to help them have the best experience. That extends throughout her staff who are ALWAYS attentive, accommodating and caring.
The office even has a secret helper…the VERY best therapy you could ask for when you’re sitting in the chair - Scocca. This furry friend makes it a million times easier to go and seems to know exactly when you need a little extra support. There’s some work I’m not sure I would have made it through without her there ❤️
I can’t say enough good things after a decade of experiences I’ve had with Dr. Matthews and her staff - I only wish I’d found them sooner!

Tanya M.

I’ve been going to Dr. Jennifer Matthews since I was an toddler! She has looked after a great majority of my father’s side of my family and still does! She invests in the top-of-the-line equipment and pays close attention to detail. I have had multiple crowns, fillings, root canals, chipped teeth, etc... and NEVER had any problems! I have to say getting a Quality crown done in one day... and not even notice it after.. AMAZING! I hear a lot of people have fear of the dentist. I can honestly say, I’ve NEVER had that experience. Jennifer and her team have always made my experience as comfortable as possible! Very HIGHLY RECOMMENDED getting dental work done with her and her team!

Steph S.

Dr Matthews is absolutely incredible. Her professionalism and skill is immeasurable.
The staff are also skilled, empathic and just as professional. I have a phobia about dentists and they are always patient and do whatever they can to make me comfortable as possible.
Today as I was eating a drumstick, my front
crown snapped off at the gum line at 4:40 pm (they close at 4:30). In shock, and panicking, I called And left a msg. on the emergency line. Sabrina called me back in 5 mins and told me to come in right away.
They were so concerned that, when I came in, they ensured me that everything was going to be okay. Dr Matthews was able to find a way to use my old crown as a temporary until an appointment in a few day to fix it properly. Amazing ... I’m so grateful

Ps. her new office is spectacular!!

Pearl M.

Just had a root canal done by Dr. Mathews! I highly recommend her work for all of your dental needs!

Carly M.

I can't thank Dr.Matthews or her amazing staff enough for their help. Very kind and thoroughly professional, they made it fun to smile again.

Tabitha P.