laser bacterial reduction

Much emphasis today has been placed on the mouth/body connection.  Your body health is related to the health of your gums which harbour many types of harmful bacteria.  When your teeth are cleaned, the bacteria has a way to get into your bloodstream and has the potential to cause problems in an unhealthy body.  In most cases where we know of the health issue we do an antibiotic prophylaxis to cover against the small possibility of this occurring.  If a patient is unaware of any problems then they do not know there could be a risk.  By decontaminating the sulcus before we clean the teeth we are reducing the possiblity of this happening.  This can be done prior to your cleaning by laser and takes an additional 5 minutes.  It is very painless and can be done without local anaesthesia.
If you are interested in LBR before your cleaning please discuss this with your hygienist.  It is not a covered benefit under most plans as it pertains more to your overall body health, but we believe it to be a great benefit to a professional cleaning.